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Supporting Great Institutions For All to Enjoy for Over 40 Years


During its over 43 years of operation the District’s annual net tax revenue has increased from $3.89 million dollars in 1972 to over $75.9 million dollars in 2015.

In recent years, approximately 83% of the net tax revenues come from the County taxpayers while City residents provide 17% of the District's tax revenues.

The expansion of the number of Subdistricts from three to five is indicative of the success and vitality of the original concept of a tax supported cultural district. Today, the Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District is, perhaps, the largest tax supported cultural district in this country. It is a model that other cities have often attempted to emulate.

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Metropolitan Zoological Park & Museum District
Winner of 2008
What's Right with the Region Award!
Fostering Regional Cooperation!

RCGA District Economic Impact - 2007
"St. Louis has extraordinary cultural and art institutions unlike any other city in America. One key reason is the taxpayer support through the Zoo Museum District"

Francis Slay, Mayor of St. Louis

The Zoo Museum District is an excellent example of regional cooperation.  St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis work together to ensure our Zoo, Botanical Garden, History Museum, Art Museum and Science Center are among the best in the nation"

Steve Stenger, St.. Louis County Executive



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