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During its more than 45 years of operation, the District’s annual net tax revenue increased from $3.89 million in 1972 to slightly more than $80.5 million in 2018.

In recent years, approximately 84% of the net tax revenues come from the County taxpayers while City residents provide 16% of the District’s tax revenues.

The expansion of the number of Subdistricts from three to five is indicative of the success and vitality of the original concept of a tax supported cultural district. Today, the Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District is, perhaps, the largest tax supported cultural district in this country. It is a model that other cities have often attempted to emulate.


2008 What's Right with the Region Award!

Metropolitan Zoological Park & Museum District
Fostering Regional Cooperation!


Report to the Community

Announcement regarding the 2020 Report to the Community

Every year, the Zoo Museum District works closely with the five ZMD institutions to publish the Report to the Community, a publication that highlights their many achievements. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the institutions temporarily closed to do their part in keeping their staff and guests safe. In June 2020, many of the institutions began welcoming guests back. Due to the current environment, it would be prudent to remain focused on creating safe environments for their guests and to suspend the 2020 publication of the Report to the Community. We look forward to sharing the many achievements and exciting news in our 2021 Report to the Community.

The Mission of the Zoo Museum District is to represent the taxpayers of the District in the careful oversight of the financial affairs of the Subdistricts.

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