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Exceptional access to the District’s institutions has been achieved because City and County taxpayers support the entities through their annual property taxes. For more than forty-five years, the District Board members have been quiet and effective stewards of taxpayer funds, committed to ensuring that funds are efficiently spent to enhance institutional quality and access. Nearly ninety-nine (99%) of the District’s net tax revenues have supported the institutions’ programs and improvements.  In 2019, the Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District distributed net tax revenue of approximately $85.7 million.

InstitutionMaximum Authorized Tax Rate2018 Property Tax RateApproximate 2018 Annual Net Tax Revenue
Saint Louis Zoo8 cents7.27 cents$23.22 million
Saint Louis Art Museum8 cents7.27 cents$23.22 million
Saint Louis Science Center4 cents3.65 cents$11.66 million
Missouri Botanical Garden4 cents3.65 cents$11.66 million
Missouri History Museum4 cents3.65 cents$11.66 million
ZMD Administration$4.28 million

These tax revenues provide a significant portion of each institution’s operating budget. Generous donations, food and gift sales, membership fees, admission charges to special exhibits, and other revenue sources provide the remaining operating funds. Strong leadership has also been a crucial component in each institution’s success.

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